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The RCA or S-Video output of JETWAY mobos is not acceptable?

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  • The RCA or S-Video output of JETWAY mobos is not acceptable?

    The RCA or S-Video output of JETWAY mobos is not acceptable?

    I tried on my TV and my monitor with RCA and SVIDEO inputs. I always get a 1 inch border around. This is not acceptable. It makes my 15" overhead LCD a 13" one.

    This is making me wanting to get a VGA LCD and the DVI module for the mobo.

    Am I the only one having this problem?

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    I spent couple days on this issue. It is the motherboard RCA/S-Video output of the JETWAY motherboard that is casuing this 1" border. The CN700 S3 UniChrome Pro integrated graphics is just too primitive to be out on the market even it does have some TV screen adjustment option. My screen itself doesn't do adjustment. I tried ATI and Nvidia. Nvidia is the best, it does everything I need to run a VGA and a TV screen IN FULL SCREEN.

    Now I am on my mission to add a NVIDIA PCI video card but my voom2 enclosure doesn't allow and I bought a Morex 3777 case but then the M2-ATX shutdown controller doesn't fit without some modification on the case. Then the PCI card is too long to fit in a Morex 3777 case. Oh man, this is getting interesting.

    Do you have any problem getting a full screen on a TV (or RCA / SVideo) from the S3 on board TV out port? I believe most mini-ITX boards are using S3.)

    Or it is just me with a bad board?


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      just out of curiosity, why are you using the s-video and RCA outs of the video card? Do you have a touchscreen monitor? If you have a touchscreen, the VGA will give you a better experience IMO than RCA.
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        Rear entertainment. I will install the VGA touchscreen in the center armrest of the rear seat as a control. Then an 15" overhead RCA LCD for viewing.

        I managed to install my Nvidia FX 5500 PCI card into the Morex 3777 case and now on to more bench testing, then installing into my Prius....