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7" Dynamix (LinITX) LCD - white screen problem

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  • 7" Dynamix (LinITX) LCD - white screen problem

    I can't believe this happened. I have had this screen working for the last 10 months, albeit rarely installed in my car and as soon as I get everything working well the screen ends up malfunctioning.

    I have removed all the electronics from the factory housing and have mounted them to a custom bezel in my Ford Focus. The screen was working perfectly installed in my car and then for some unknown reason, just started displaying a white screen which looks to be backlight only. The remote and front control buttons are unresponsive and the power LED does not illuminate. I can only get the white screen to go away once I disconnect power to it.

    I removed the screen from my car and set it up on my test bench with the same outcome.

    I have checked all connections (unplugging, plugging back in) including the riddon cable and it is all secure and undamaged. Nothing changed, no bumps or falls while the screen was in the car. It just all of a sudden stopped fuctioning.

    I understand this can be attributed to a faulty controller board and I'll have to get it replaced. I bought this screen used off of the classifieds and have removed it from the factory housing so there will definately be no warranty.

    I am wondering if I can get a replacement controller board (the ribbon cable is fine and installed correctly). This monitor is from Dynamix which is the same model of screen that LinITX used to sell. It uses the Hitachi-made LCD.

    Is there anything else I can do?


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    For a replacement board email Armen at digitalww, or Motorcity.

    But my guess would be the connector. I know you said you checked it, but if it is even slightly skewed, no dice. I am talking about the 25 conductor wide ribbon cable that sends the actual signal from controller board to the LCD. I would completely unplug it, blow in the socket to make sure no dust or whatever is in there blocking a contact, and then insert it gently. Those connectors are infamous for breaking off.
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      I know which cable you are talking about. I have completely rearranged all the circuit boards connected to the LCD and remounted them so I have had to disconnect everything and reconnect it once everything was aligned; I even broke a wire and had to resolder it so I am familiar with the connections on the back of the LCD. I appreciate the information though and I will re-check this cable once I get home. I may even try turning the cable around and connecting it that way.

      Interestingly, I inspected the pins coming from the connector that the ribbon cable is plugged into and I saw a small speck of what looked like metal stuck between two of these pins. I used a razor blade and removed it but my problem still exists. I think that whatever fell between these two pins caused a short and damaged something. Or maybe this small speck was supposed to be there and was there from the beginning and I have permanently damaged from connector by removing it, who knows.