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LCD in direct sunlight

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  • LCD in direct sunlight

    ok are there any bad effects to having an lcd screen in direct sunlight, say on your dashboard all day.. will this lessen the life at all, or create any other problems? thx

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    If you crank up your backlight ot attempt to compete with the sun, you will shorten its life.

    I would also be concerned about heat buildup. Heat kills LCDs.


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      I'm not sure there is direct proof of either of these statements, unless you mean to overvoltage a backlight when you say 'cranking.' As far as heat, heat will shorten the life of any electronic component, not necessarily there something you read somewhere that said otherwise?


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        I meant in terms of overall life. By boosting contrast/brightness to make the screen readable in direct sunlight, there will be a decrease in the life expectancy of the backlight bulbs.


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          From the matrix orbital website:

          LED Backlight Life: 100,000 hours typical
          Operating Temperature 0C to +50C [~122 F]
          Storage Temperature -20C to +70C [~150 F]
          I wouldn't be too concerned about the backlight life unless you have a non-standard setup. Depending on you car, the temps might be cause for concern. I would build some kind of cover for it or, better yet, find another place to store it. The dashboard can be a dangerous place for electronics. (Just ask the guys who have had a wireless network adapter or GPS receiver melt- )