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  • Datalux question

    Well I guess it's not a datalux question but rather datalux related.

    After getting off the phone today I found out that my LMV10R needs a 5 volt signal off the VGA not a 3.3. I was running the screen off of my laptop trying to get other things sorted out.. anyways my question.

    Do most newer motherboards/video cards utilize a 3.3 or a 5 volt signal? I've read a lot about problems with compatibility because of voltages and am wondering if I am even going to get it to work in the car.

    Oh... if I am running 3.3 volts and need 5 .. what should I do to rectify the situation?

    BTW I'm waiting on a PSU right now and cannot test my current motherboard. So getting out the multimeter is not an option. I jst want to be prepared.

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    What exact problem are you having? I remember hearing this same line of bull**** from Datalux almost a year ago and I remember how I fixed it. If you are trying to use an extension cable with your Datalux LMV10R and it's not working, then you will need to either get a new Datalux LMV10R2, or get a vga amplifier which Belkin manufactures. It runs off of 9V though which isn't very convenient for a car. Additionally, if the screen won't power up at ALL, the vga amplifier would solve that problem too.


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      Well the problem I'm having is not due to an extention cable. I am using the exact cable it came with. I was told the unit worked perfectly when it left. IT was packaged MORE than I'm not saying it wasn't damaged... but it is unlikley.

      I guess I'll try and get an amplifier and try that out. How much do those things run? I don't want to have to purchase one if I don't need to...


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        I'm fairly certain it will fix your problem. Try your monitor on a couple other video old ones like cirrus logic and stuff


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          will do.. thanks for the reply.

          Hey back to one of my original questions. Id it the older or the newer VGA cards that operate off of 5 volts?


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              I am having no luck finding a VGA amplifier that isn't 10 times the amplifier I need. I can't even find a belkin VGA amplifier at compusa or Best Buy... do you mind telling me where you got yours?

              or... if I just got say maybe a S3 SAVAGE4 like you mentioned in another post would that do it? Like I said I'm NOT running any sort of extention cable here... just the factory supplied cables as everything is mounted under the passenger seat.


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                Well...let me think...

                I got mine from Harmony Computers via

                Here is the info:

                1 * 999183 (Belkin)(Belkin OmniView™ Monitor Extender F1D088 ) = $39.00

                If you search for F1D088 you could probably find it fairly easily.


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                  monitor extender... I see.... VGA Amplifier turned out a bunch of presentation style devices upwards of $150 (to $450) I was really hoping I didn't have to shell out the cash for one of those.. but thank you again. And what if I had an old video card? Would that benifit me @ all. Say if I used it in lieu of the "monitor extender?"

                  Or would I be screwing myself as far as graphics and video playback?


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                    Cable distance from splitter to each monitor is up to 245 feet (75 meters).
                    I Use them at work. Beautiful image quality. This or the belkin should eliminate any distance related problems.



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                      I see now... but if I can get away with buying an older 5 volt card:

                      (A) will it work?
                      (B) will it work for $10 as opposed to $50 for the amplifier?

                      just curious as I'm going to order something tonight. I just need to know if the older card would work... then I'd order it.


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                        Once again it is NOT a distance related problem. The supplied 3 foot (or so) cable is ALL that I'm using.

                        Originally posted by rammic


                        I Use them at work. Beautiful image quality. This or the belkin should eliminate any distance related problems.



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                          All i can tell you is from my experience
                          and in my experience, 2 things fixed my problems with the LMV10R

                          A) Using an older video card, like a voodoo3, savage4, cirrus logic, etc

                          B) using the vga extender


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                            Oops... Shame on me for not reading all the posts. I'll shut up and mind my place now.


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                              no.. no problem @ all.. I do the same thing... I was just trying to prevent all the distance related solutions that were sure to follow