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Ati mobility bios modifications?

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  • Ati mobility bios modifications?

    I need help here. I have connected an 8.9" 1024x480 TFT LCD to a Dell inspiron mobo. The screen was $20 and I had the mobo lying around. Got everything working except that the lcd displays the TOP half of what would normally be a 1024x768 screen. I have used powerstrip and still cannot set this up right. I think that there is something in the video bios that says the lcd panel is 1024x768 right? Yet there are machines like sony's picturebook that use the 1024x480. Is there a way to modify my video bios so that it displays 1024x480 natively? I think I can get the bios using some utils I found, but what would I change in it to make it do this?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. otherwise I'll have to move the task war way the hell up (which is lame) or buy a vga 2 lcd controller.