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Relocating xenarc buttons

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  • Relocating xenarc buttons

    I'm trying to relocate my Xenarc 700tsv buttons. I desoldered them, and re-attached them to the board with 6 inches of wire. Now they don't work. Anyone have any ideas? Do I need them all to be perfectly attached in order for them to work? Thanks

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    I did not remove the switches, but wired switches in parallel with them and they worked. The swicthes from what I remember are normally open and when the switch is pushed it connects to ground. I think this is correct, but the main thing is the remote switches do work for the menu buttons at least. I removed them after I found that I could used the remote, even if it it was behind the bezel. I guess it reflects through the touch screen glass. You do have to be real close with the remote.