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vga and dvi usage

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  • vga and dvi usage

    this may be the wrong place for this question, so mad please move as necessary.

    the question.

    i have on my computer a vga output and a dvi output,now not knowing anything about dvi i persume its a better video output. but as i have both on my comp. can i use them for dual monitor.

    by either buying a

    1.dvi ts screen and a vga screen
    2.vga ts screen and a dvi screen
    3.convert dvi to vga adaptor then a vga to rca cable
    4.vga to rca cable on vga and use a dvi ts screen

    the idea is i have 2 standard rca screens and i want to put 1 in the back of the car and the ts in front.

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    Moved to LCD/Display, since netiher VGA or DVI are Input Devices.

    It really depends on the video chipset on your motherboard or video card. If it can output to both the VGA and the DVI outputs at the same time, then yes.
    Consult your owner's manual.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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