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LCD's with Scan Converters - Post Screenshots!

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  • LCD's with Scan Converters - Post Screenshots!

    First, I would like to introduce myself. I have been reading these forums for months, and have been dreaming the whole time of what I would like to do for my Mp3Carputer.

    My name is Bobby. I run a stupid website, that is in my link.

    Anyways, I would like to invite you all to post a screenshot of your LCD screen, running Windows (or any graphical application). I don't mean a VGA LCD, I mean like one that takes RCA inputs. So that we can see how well the scan converters work.

    If you wouldn't mind, would you also name the type of scan convertor you use? I think this could help a lot of people, to see the true advantages of one way over another.

    Thank you all, and good luck in your computing conquests!