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K90 Touchscreen problem. Pointer stuck in one spot.

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  • K90 Touchscreen problem. Pointer stuck in one spot.

    Hi, guys!

    I'm experiencing a problem with my touchscreen monitor that really gets on my nerve. A month ago I had to buy a brand new K90 monitor, since my old K301 got stolen from the car. While I was waiting for the new LCD to arrive, I installed a brand new copy of XP on the machine. When I received the new K90, hooked it up and installed the drivers, everything worked fine. But not longer than a couple of hours. At some point the pointer got stuck in one spot on the screen. It's about two inches above the left bottom corner. When I touch the screen somewhere else the pointer bearly moves towards my finger and then goes back to the same spot. Checked the bezel, nothing is touching the screen. I unplugged all the usb devices, reinstalled XP, tried different driver version. Nothing helps.

    GURUS, please help!!!

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    The k301 is one of the most bland looking motorized screens out there, and it sucks to hear that someone would steal that. I dont think most people would know what to do with an incar vga touchscreen. Since your k90 is still fairly new, maybe you should contact the seller to get a RMA. It sounds like your resistive touchpanel is defective.


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      This happens on my k301. I haven't had a chance to look into it properly as yet, but it works for a short amount of time after booting, after which any touch jumps to the bottom left corner of the screen, similarly to yours.


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        The screen housing is probably pressing on the edge of the touchscreen. Try to loosen some screws a bit.


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          Yes, take apart the screen itself as much as you can, then re-screw everything back fairly loosely. Perhaps when the screen warms up, certain parts are expanding, causing pressure. On the k301, my method of taking apart the screen is to apply power to it, then cut the power right when its fully extended horizontally (but right before it flips up) so that you can see the 6 screw on the back and take it apart. Let us know the results.


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            Thanks for all the suggestions. Will be taking it apart tonight. If doesn't help, will probably purchase another touchscreen kit:


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              thanks. if i remember correctly it first started happening on hot days, so this is sounding very good. cheers