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Non-motorized retractable Touchscreen w/ AM/FM

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  • Non-motorized retractable Touchscreen w/ AM/FM

    Greetings all:

    As a technology guru I am excited about doing a carputer project of my own. I have given some good thought as to what type of touchscreen would best suit me. I concluded I need touchscreen to fit in a 1-DIN slot (will replace my current radio) with a built in AM/FM radio (hence the title of this thread). I would prefer a non-motorized one since that style would be fine with me and, from what I've read, much more reliable than the motorized ones. My price limit is about $450.

    What I'd like from the knowledgable folks on this forum is help finding a monitor that matches what I'm looking for.

    This monitor at DigitalWW is exactly what I'm looking for but it's out of stock as has been so for several months and nobody else seems to carry it:

    The new Xenarc MDT-X7000 would obviously be amazing (even if it is motorized) but it's more than I am spending.

    Also, if you can recommend a motorized one that has proven to be very reliable, I'm certainly interested in that as well.

    A non DIN slot monitor such as the Lilliput 619GL-70NP is not really an option since I don't have the time, space (in my car), or interest in doing surgery on my car (which is a '97 Tbird).

    If you have some advice, especially from those who own/have experience with a touchscreen similar to what I'm looking, I'd really like to hear it!

    Thank you all!