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OLED screeens anyone?

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  • OLED screeens anyone?

    OLED technology anyone?
    that would solve many fabrication problems won't it

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    OLED screens will offer higher resolution, more color range, faster response time, and less power draw. all great improvements over LCD panels but it will still be a while before a small pc screen (VGA or better) is available as a standalone item.

    I can certainly understand why it would be a better carputer display
    but why do you think it will make fabricating any easier? it will take just as much effort to build an OLED display into the dash as it does to build an LCD display into the dash :/
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      because of thickness.. (i am sure they will need a controler though)
      i believe that it will start by small screens..larger screens will come later


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        The technology hasn't developed well enough to be a viable solution just yet. While leaps and bounds have been made, the longevity of the panels (due to being organic) begin to deteriorate over time and fade.

        That said, I have high hopes of this technologies success and given the amount of improvement over a short period of time, I can see it being functional for our purposes within the next five years.
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          i would say a car oled screen will be intalled before we reach 2009


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            Well, Sony has an OLED screen out next month.
            11" with 940x540, and 5mm thick
            About 900, still fancy a go?!