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UK project - LCD required

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  • UK project - LCD required

    I have put together a beautiful Epia silent board and cubid case package, using MCAS for MP3 and windows for DVD/DivX.

    Now I need a screen. Needs to good enough to watch DVDs and DivX only. Not bothered about GPS at all, or visualisations - I'll only be in windows for Video displaying.

    Being an Epia board, I have TV out via Svideo or composite, and ofcourse VGA. Can someone suggest a good, but pretty cheap (I'm kind of skint) solution? I'd lke the screen at least 5 inches. Having not seen them work, I'm just not convinced by the PSone or Gamecube screen currently. Theres a few TFT screen on for less than a ton, but they seem a bit too good to be true - any opinions on them?

    Thanks guys - long time lurker, first time poster,


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    I dont think theres anything really wrong with the 5" PS1 screen. Its good buying the sony screen because you dont need to worry at all that you might get one that wont work.

    Theres some threads on here about the quality of the PS1 screen, do a search and im sure you'll find them.
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      I just recieved my 7" indash TFT from for 165 and it was delivered to UK very quickly indeed
      Not had chance to play with it yet (not sorted out power supply in car) but when I can find out how to slap a 12v line onto it in the house I'll let you know what its like


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        Thanks man - I'd appreciate that!

        Got one screen sorted now, but may be after another soon.