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Xenarc 700tsv Screen keeps turning off!! HELP!

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  • Xenarc 700tsv Screen keeps turning off!! HELP!

    First of all, i am new here and I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I tried searching but I couldn't find an answer. Your help is greatly appriciated!

    Ok now on to the problem...

    I have a 2006 G35 Coupe. I have a 7" Xenarc 700TSV touch screen. The computer works fine and everything but the monitor keeps turning off at times. It always turns on and after about 5 to 10 seconds u see "Turning Off" on the top left hand corner. I kno its getting power because it always works when I turn the car on but its just that sometimes i turns off after a couple of seconds. I was thinking it was because its not getting any signal so it turns off to save power but i tried everything and I don't kno wut to do... The carputer came in when I bought the car so I don't have a remote for the screen or evne kno if it came with one, and the screen comes with no buttons! lol anyways if any of yall experts/veterans at carputers could help me I would greatly appriciate your help! like I said... sometimes it does turn on fine and I could use the computer like normal but I just hate how sometimes it doesnt want to and sometimes i does...

    I would post up some pictures to show yall my setup....

    When it works...

    When it doesnt work...

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    mroe pics...


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      I had this problem once, and simply disconecting and reconnecting the VGA cable fixed it for me. I assumed that there must have been some corrosion on whatever signal line it is that the Xenarc uses to do it's auto on/off thing.


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        thanks i'll try that.... any other suggestions???


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          if you messed around with the housing check for shorts. I rotated the the board a bit to fit into my dash, i ended up shorting some pins against the metal part of the lcd. Each time i touch it, it would turn off because of the short. I put some double sided tape between and it was all good.