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What displays fit the OEM stereo bay ?

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  • What displays fit the OEM stereo bay ?

    I'm relatively new to car PCs, so maybe there is a solution to what I'm looking for. I did search the forums but found nothing that stood out.

    In looking at various display solutions, it seems they're all in enclosures that don't lend themselves to well to mounting in the bay where the OEM stereo is.

    The size (stereo opening) I'm referring to is the typical 7-7/8" x 4-1/8" opening. This would be a perfect size for a 16:9 7" diagonal, but it seems all the OEMs wrap their displays up in an enclosure that's too large to fit this opening. Sure would be nice if a non-packaged LCD was available with mounting frame options to fit into the aforementioned stereo bay, thus giving one a nice flush mount.

    Again, I'm relatively new to all of this so maybe something does in fact exist. Comments?

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    If you're looking for a "bolt in" LCD touchscreen for your 08 Yaris, I think you're in for a looonngg search.

    You might be able to find an adapter kit to fit one of the double din pre-packaged nav systems (ie: avic-d3, etc) but I highly doubt anyone offers one to fit a lilliput, xenarc, etc into a stock opening. That's why most people here end up custom molding their own in.

    Or you could go with a motorized flip out screen. Most of them fit into a standard aftermarket radio adapter kit.

    Cheers and Good luck.
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      Oh I could certainly make my own molding, it's just the raw display I'm having trouble locating. It would be nice to buy a display where the largest outside dimension was the display element ... rather than an extra 1" border of plastic housing and a VGA connector protruding out the side no less.

      I guess the question is: Do people sometimes disassemble modules like the Xenarcs and remount the internal hardware to reduce the outer dimension?

      Another possibility is building my own. Hantronix OEMs a 7" diag LCD module (which I wouldn't be surprised if it's the one used in the Xenarc), but I'd really rather not have to spin up a circuit board to drive it. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to give them a call and see what they have available for VGA input solutions.