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USB malfunction

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  • USB malfunction

    I'm in the process of installing my carpc into my new car.
    When i tested, the xenarc worked fine inside the house. Once i put it in the car I've been trying to get the touchscreen to work with my laptops but it's not working.

    After i plug in the usb, I'd get the "The USB device has malfunctioned...". It does not ask me to install the driver at all. Even though i could go into the device manager and try to install the driver, but it keep saying it wouldn't match with the driver.

    Anyone else have this problem? My only idea is the USB is not getting enough power from the laptop usb, or i must've broke the touchscreen somehow. Anyone might have a solution?

    Ps. It's installed into the dash now, so i'm trying to fix it without having to remove it first.


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    took out the sreen this morning and it worked fine, must've been a bad connection.