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white screen of death, on a eby701. need help locating parts....

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  • white screen of death, on a eby701. need help locating parts....

    i have read that my problem could either be ribbon cable not set correctly, blown soldered fuse, or the inverter. i just got done mounting my screen in my bezel. it was taken apart, so maybe thats the problem. but if it isnt, then where on my PCB is that dreaded inverter and the fuse? im gonna test these. if that fuse shows an open, then i found my problem. but that is ofcourse if reseating that/those cables dont do anything.

    oh, and i did search and read everything for lilliput white, and lilliput blank. thats how i got my info. just nothing on a eby701

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    False Alarm!!!

    false alarm! it was my neglect to push that one clip down on the biggest ribbon cable. it works! truckputer is now 98% complete! but posting this info would be good anyways for future references.


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      If you could post up some review on the eby701 - I've been thinking about getting one, but I'd like to get some feedback on usability and display.



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        ive only used it in my room in incadescent light. its nice. ill post more of a review when i can get some more daily use out of it. it all does depend on the angle of where it is going and how much sunlight shines onto that area.