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Supermatty.. datalux woes

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  • Supermatty.. datalux woes

    HEy.. I just got a Belkin Monitor Extender in... and it does nothing for the Datalux problem. Question though (and this would be my luck)is that a power LED on top of the Belkin unit? Does it light up when it's plugged in and has no VGA going in or out?Because I have yet to get it to light up (if it in fact does).

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    nevermind it's not an LED at all... just some gay plastig thing.

    Sorry I couldn't wait and cracked the unit open.


    So I'm running 12V off of the power supply to the Datalux screen and have verified that it is, in fact, getting 12V at the connector.

    The belkin unit is the same... it's getting juice too.

    Could I just have gotten a bad screen?


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      So you have the monitor casing open now? Try testing to make sure your backlight inverter is getting power could very well have a bad screen of course...gosh and I really thought vga amp would have fixed it! Sorry about that!

      Might be controller too...or anything!
      Hopefully you have a multimeter!


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        I do have a multimeter... I haven't cracked the case open yet though... I guess it's time!