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Need recommendation on thin LCD/TFT monitor

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  • Need recommendation on thin LCD/TFT monitor

    I have a multi-function head unit that can play CD's, MP3 CD's, and DVD's, which outputs audio and video through RCA jacks. So, I need to use an external LCD monitor for it (preferably something that can handle 16:9 and/or 4:3 aspect ratios).

    Ideally I'd like to get a small screen, from 5"-7" in size, and mount it on the underside of my center console, to swing up and back out of the way when not in use. It would have to be thin, definitely no thicker than 1"--I'm hoping I can find something about 3/4" thick. The monitor wouldn't have to have the swivel; I could always affix it to a bracket for that.

    It looks to me like a good bet is to get a rear camera monitor that can also double as a video screen. Something like the XO Vision GXRM727, except that it is really a reverse mirror--not sure if that will work. PowerAcoustik PT-727MSV 7 Wide Sun Visor Monitor looks promising... I'm trying to keep my budget under $150. Any suggestions?

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    Pretty much all 7" screens VGA or RCA are under an inch thick. Obviously you cannot make super thin LCD by the way it works. It needs a backlight and controller board. OLED is different, and you can buy them from Japan now, but about 10x your budget. At 3mm thick though they are awesome!
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      Thanks, toast. I had heard of OLED technology a couple of years ago (in research phase), but didn't realize they were in production now. That's great--maybe in a couple of years the cost will come down nicely.

      Yes, the screens themselves appear to be less than 1" thick--the issue is with the mounting base. Some of them are over 2" thick. That's why I'm thinking that a sun visor type monitor is the way to go. There are a few on the market that look decent, like the POWER ACOUSTIK PT-727MSV and the XO Vision GXRM727. I'd really like to hear feedback on them.

      I've not mounted a monitor before and so I don't know what customization hardware is available. I'm thinking of a reverse pivot mounting plate (where the screen faces out in the direction of the pivot path, instead of inward as seen on roof mount models) or some kind of manual extension bracket (motorized is too expensive and really unnecessary), where you pull out the screen like a tray, then pivot it upward to see the screen. Searches on the Internet aren't turning up anything, so I guess it's time to visit a car audio shop. I saw a program on TV about car audio tuning shops and it's amazing what these guys can do (and it's no wonder they do it--their customers are willing to spend seriously big bucks for these mods).