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lcd + different vga card = possible?

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  • lcd + different vga card = possible?

    hi everyone, im new here ^_^

    i've got a 15" lcd display, only the screen, and today i got my hands on a vga card from a broken 19" screen, the connector from the card to the lcd doesn't match, but is there a way i can get this to work?

    here's some pictures, sorry about the bad quality.

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    Look at the type of the display.... it is on the white label on the back...
    Then use google/yahoo for datasheet/pinout or at least the resolution.

    15 tfts are usually 1024x768, 19 at least 1280x1024..the drive method SEEMS to be similar (I can not really judge because the poor quality).

    You have to know the voltage of your display. I think you can measure the panel's.

    This 15 coll TFT is from a notebook? Because it has only one tube connector? Or is it a double connector?

    Summary: For the first sight it won't work, because you should have to modify the data in the microcontroller (or eeprom) of your panel forcing to display a different resolution...
    I strongly believe, the panel is able to drive, but because the poor info about the chip, this project is sentenced to death.
    Better to get a 19' or 17' display from a dead tft monitor, because the connector is standard (but check it carefully before buy!).
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      thanks man, hehehe, i feel kinda stupid, it's a 12" not 15".

      anyways i found the datasheet

      but yeah, don't think it'll work.. so i'll probalby have to buy a screen after all, though i wanted a free screen


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        Neither the resolution and nor the driving method matches. This display is TTL RGB and not 2 Channel LVDS. Older Compaq notebooks (Around P1 133) used it.
        But if the display is working, advertise it on ebay. At least half the price of an used 17' display you gain.
        Before buying a display, ask the seller about the connector (it is quite standard to have three pins on one side, some pins are missing, and some twisted cables are connected to the other pins, GNDs among them - as on your panel connector)
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