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lilliput 7" touchscreen part is not working.

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  • lilliput 7" touchscreen part is not working.

    I have this lilliput 7 inch screen the 629GL-70NP/C

    Suddenly yesterday the touch screen function stopped working after 4 weeks of working okay

    The screen picture itself is displayed verry good.

    i was thinking at first that must be windows xp making this error ,but i can calibrate the screen with the software and the finger touch are reconized by the lilliput screen and the computer beeps also when calbrating.
    i have tried the 4 point and the other calibration opotions

    At the draw test in the calibartion software no lines appear when i move my finger acrros the screen....

    In windows nothing happends when i move with the finger on the screen i even cannot see the arrow ,to be sure i have tested the screen on my other computer at home and there the same problem.

    i have in mouse options set the trace mouse pointer to on ,to see where the arrow is dissapeared
    And when i use the CONTROL key to see where the mouse pointer is at after i touch the screen with my finger ,isee that the mouse pointer hides in the upper/lower left and right corners.

    Sometimes it have clicked a icon on the desktop wich with the finger i cannot doubleclick or move away.

    With the normal mouse everything just works fine...

    i have tested the original and the old drivers with no succes

    operating sys :windows xp prof sp2
    mainboard :jetway 1.5 ghz
    ram: 512MB


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    This screen is now replaced for a new one ,after testing it on 3 other computers where the same faults occour,even with the newest drivers.

    i now am sure it was a hardware faillure.