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    On the Xenarcs, what is the smallest font size that is still legible? I mean, is 12 point legible?

    When trying to picture what this screen will look like before I buy it. If I cut out a 800x450 size picture in an image editing program, will that be the size of it? Or what is the exact screen size?

    Thank you all

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    Font size: depends on your eyesight and colors and your distance from the monitor and your personal preference if you use high contrast colors and have good eyesight and are not all that far from the monitor it is ok for some people but other people with all the same things will tell you different. For me with high contrast colors and good eyesight (dont know the numbers but it is pretty good) and sitting in my drivers seat with the monitor in the center console a little lower it looks fine to me but I ran 1024X768 on a 15 inch monitor for a year or 2 before I upgraded so take that as you will.

    Well I think it is 7 inches from corner to corner (Bottom Right to Upper Left) and since it is widescreen it is I think again 16:9 ratio I dont think that you are going to get a very good idea of it from an image editing program and I think it is 800X480 not 450


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      Bear in mind that it is a true LCD TFT display. The text will be as sharp as anything you can do on a conventional CRT or LCD flat pannel. It does not suffer from any of the drawbacks of the NTSC displays.

      The screen is a full 7" from viewable corner to viewable corner. There is really no way to get a fair assesment without actually viewing the monitor. The reason for that is this. 1024x768 on a 15" monitor is a lot smaller than 1024x768 on a 21" monitor.

      The screen does operate at 800x480 not 800x450, although I assume your statement was a typo.