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where to get cheap EL foil for Char LCD backlight?

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  • where to get cheap EL foil for Char LCD backlight?

    I recently bought 6 character lcds ( 40x2) with HD 44780 controller without backlight- today i looked at my grafical lcd (128x128) i also recently bought and noticed that the char lcds have the space to put Electro luminescence foil to make backlight . So i looked on ebay germany and there is only a shop from Hong kong selly kits with 4.9' x 5.9' piece of foil .
    and that for 20

    Any shop around where to get bigger pieces for less money ????

    if possible with good reputation and secure paiment like paypal etc .

    Many thanks

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    I think you can get that at Farnell and in various colors


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      You can buy 1" wide strips of EL paper at many computer modding web sites. It wont work well for a big 128x128 screen, but it should be enough for 2 lines of character.

      heres one site that sells it:

      There are more, but i dont have time to search for them right now.
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        also check but their prices aren't all that great
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          I tried it already, but your char. displays are reflective, and don't let any light thru from the back