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How to determine your LCD/Backlight nit value

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  • How to determine your LCD/Backlight nit value

    I have both spec sheets for the backlight inverter and the actual LCD and have scoured it. I can not find any mention of the 'nit' value. I know 300+ is needed for sunny days and I want to make sure I have a bright enough display. I have a Sharp LQ10D344. Is there some formula to determine this? I used the search function and couldn't find anything that addressed this issue.

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    You may see it listed as candelas/meters^2 or cd/m^2.


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      if you want to see

      if its bright enough for sunny days, hook it up and bring it outside??


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        This probably wont help, but:

        I have no idea what they mean by 33,705 nits, lol.
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          thanks for the responses and I saw that website as well InFix...if it was 33,705 nits I might have to shield my eyes..hehe. And I don't have a controller for this LCD yet so bringing it outside isn't an option quite yet. I will look over the spec sheet again and see if I can locate the 'candelas/meters^2 or cd/m^2' as you stated supermatty.
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            i guess its possible they where using cd/cm^2
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              we use somthing like this to measure nit more info here

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