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  • T-View Calibration

    I have a TView T92-VGA screen that I bought on E-Bay that is being a royal p.i.t.a. to calibrate. After screwing around with this thing for several days I determined that the positions of internal components were putting stress on the touch panel and making the screen think it was being touched constantly. About an hour with the glue gun re-arranging internal wire paths solved the constant-click problem, but now I'm still having issues with calibration. The upper 2" or so of the screen are spot-on, but as a I progress further down the screen the cursor position deviates further and further from where the stylus is at. There is also a point when I get about 2.5" from the left edge or about 1 inch from the bottom of the screen where the cursor just goes haywire and jumps all over the screen if I touch in that area. I have recalibrated this thing about 1000 times and sometimes it gets better, sometimes, worse, but never enough to be usable even if I forget about the stylus and just use my finger. Is there some secret I'm missing?

    This screen appears to use the same 4-wire touch screen controller as the lilliput screens (cy-4w-usb-03). Says it's using firmware version 2.14. Is there a way to upgrade the firmware? Would that help?

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    Am having similar issues with my T-view as well,

    Would be interested in hearing any feedback as well.


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      - -I also am having this issue, an fixes?- -
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