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MTSVO-SC / K301 to Non-Flip Out

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  • MTSVO-SC / K301 to Non-Flip Out

    I've had this thing break on me about 3 times now, and I've also tried other flip-out touchscreens do the same. I'm to the point I no longer want to trust a weak motor to push out my screen.

    Anyway, I have a K301 with a broken motor and just want to rip it apart and just use it as a stand alone screen. I don't think I'll have any trouble ripping it apart, just wondering if anyone has done this before? Also, is there any way to remove the motor part of this completely to lighten it up/make it more compact? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Cant you just replace the motor? I am a bit worried that my k301 will fail on me. Were you using the screen like normal, or did you do anything to it? It seems that the k301 has an electronic sensor which turns on the vga signal only when the screen the extended, so I am not sure how you would get around that. Also, on my k301, all the ribbons seem to be permanently glued to the circuit board, so it would be very difficult to relocate things. Do you plan on making the k301 into some sort of double din monitor? I would be worried about theft by having the flip out monitor viewable all the time.


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      I could replace the motor, but then I'm sure that would be a never-ending battle of using it for a few months then replacing it again. It wouldn't be a big deal, except that the last time it broke, I was on a long trip... and the screen was stuck just out a few inches.... making my complete stereo system useless. Therefore, I'm completely giving up on wanting it to pop-out. I'm not too worried about theft protection, I'm usually in low-crime rate areas and I'm insured, so thats not a huge concern.

      My ribbons don't seem to be glued down, an actually in the state its in now it would fit fine in the dash.... other than the gears being still on the bottom. I'd really like to figure out how to get rid of them. I have not figured out how to deal with the electronic sensor that only displays when its fully extended. I was hoping someone has done this before and can answer that question for me... if not, I may just force it all the way out and cross my fingers that it works!