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CCHT headrest monitor in Safety mode Help!!

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  • CCHT headrest monitor in Safety mode Help!!

    I have two headrest monitors both from CCHT and one of the monitors is in safety mode, and iam unable to get it off safety mode, the remote doesn't seem to get into the main menu (i can switch the monitor on and off with the remote)

    does anybody know how to get it out of safety mode

    model is CCHT 3-14-7024160

    Many thanks

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    I have a screen from them

    I have one from ccht too where did you buy it? does it have 9 pin connections on the back and do you have the cables for them I have been trying for so long to find an rgb cable for it.


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      Mine came with the car, however

      I have now taken them out, and yes mine have the 9 pin connecter which goes to a controlbox,

      One of the screens was a bit dark, and was unable to get it brighter, (the other is perfect)

      I can send you the whole lot if you want (at a small price to compensate for the postage)

      I need to tell you that the screens are no longer in the plastic case, and that the wires have been cut to get them into the headrests, but you can solder them easy back together

      If you want i can post some pictures of how it all looks

      From the controlbox you use some normal av cables to connect it to the dvd player of playstation

      Hope this helps


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        how much do you want for all of it?
        what is the rgb input it has? for the gps? what kind of connector. thanks


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          I will post you some pictures