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  • Under $400 VGA Touch Screen

    I have spent the last two weeks searching around eBay for a 7" touch screen which is motorized or at least swivels out. I have two dins in my Toyota Camry which I could use. It seems like every screen that I come across has multiple issues, as declared on this forum.

    Does anyone own a 7" motorized touch screen and are happy with their buy? Could you please tell me about any good or bad experiences?


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    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      I think i read somewhere that Johnwpb (i think is hes user name) was happy with his. Dont quote me on this though, as i remember it was at least a few months ago. Look into his setup and you might find something.
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        I have been running one for two years and never had a single problem with it.
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          shadow, if you have a double-DIN opening in your car then why do you need a motorized/swivel monitor? with a little modification, you can fit a 7" LCD into a double-DIN opening. are you sure your car's opening is only "2 DINS"? many cars factory openings (like mine) are considered double-DIN but are actually bigger (the radio might be d-din, but the opening may be bigger). for example, I can fit an entire EBY701, enclosure and all in my "double-DIN" opening

          when I first entered into this hobby I went through the same thing... I tried to find pre-built monitors that I can just plug in and use. but I soon came to realize that no good solution exists. if you want your system to look good then you'll have to spend a fortune on a double-DIN unit like the G4, or you'll have to break down and do some modding/fabbing to fit a panel in yourself.

          good luck
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