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8" Lilliput ribbon cable

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  • 8" Lilliput ribbon cable

    The ribbon cable on my Lilliput has broken along with the colar on the back of the menu button CB.

    Its the opposite side ribbon cable and digitalww and digi-key are both out of stock.

    Does anyone have one that I can purchase or even better some other way / cable / lead that I can use instead of the ribbon cable?

    Or recomend somewhere that I can get one?

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    i wish i could help ya, im kinda in the same boat... what was the part number u found for that ribbon cable? is it 13pins? i have an eby701 and looked on digitalww saw that they were out of stock but couldn't find it on digikey at all. i'm also loookin for that colar. and it pretty much sucks. i couldn't find any 13 pin 1mm ribbon cables... it went from 12 to 14. and i don't know if i was lookin up the right thing exactly i'm pretty new to this. i was planning on trying a 14 pin cable and cutting off the last pin unless we can find the other. and as far as the colar goes. i'm lost i've been searching through digikey for the last few days,not a good time


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      Ive been breaking up any old cd dvd rom drives but the best Ive found so far is an 11 pin ribbon cable and its only 4inches long.

      Surely someone knows?! Id assume its a common problem and the cable most likely to be broken in fabrication?!