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b-billion in dash screens

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  • b-billion in dash screens

    as a brand, what is b-billion like?

    ive noticed they are cheaper priced than lilliput screens, does anyone know how they compare.

    are they just cheap junk? or are they not bad?

    I'll have to import whatever screen i get myself anyway ...

    at $279 for an indash unit with motorised vga, touschscreen and a tv tuner, almost worth trying.

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    Let us know when you get it. Looks interesting...
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      What is the resolution of the screen?
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        here you go


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          here is the link to their web site

          Native resolution 800 x 480, 75Hz.
          Highest resolution up to 1024 x [email protected]


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            just brought one of each, since a mate is after one too so that way we can have a test between the motorised and manual one

            manual one $233US

            motorised one $279US


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              I have that screen, the quality is less than i anticipated. The screen is not very clear, the touchscreen is not very responsive, and worst of all: The screen doesn't open and close smoothly. It will open horizontally, than begin up, and start clicking and bouncing, it needs to be helped to open fully.
              edit: The TV tuner is PAL, not NTSC, just in case you are US based.


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                my screens arrived the other day.

                the screen image quality is not bad, better than i was expecting
                800x600 seems to be the res it likes, supposed to be 800x480,
                but at 800x600 text is still sharp and easy to read. so thats all good.

                ive only played with the manual one so far.
                it comes with touch screen drivers that installed and worked fine first time, the touchscreen itself is a 4wire, and after setting up works well enough.

                not the best in high light conditions, might look at some anti reflective stuff for it..

                the engrish is a good laugh
                had to try and find really short screws to mount it in the dash, as the screen inside is about 1mm if that from the chassis, and normal screws go in too far, several washers later and some short screws fixed that tho.

                overall, for the price i would give it a 7/10. if they keep going and dont break, they look like good value for money


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                  This screen looks exactly like a cheap chinese brand that was on sale on ebay early last year. It went be the name of SWW13 or somehting(Iforget). Some dude called lettuce trade sold them. Making a long story short, these screens were horrible in every aspect. Mine failed 1 hour after install. I sent it back (to hong kong on my dollar) and it supposedly came back fixed but i was unable to get it running. To this day it sits in my closet, a $300 piece of junk (unless I can get it working). SO BEWARE
                  Oh why do I spend so much time and money on a technology that works only half the time? Is always a work in progress? Is never complete? I wonder.


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                    ^^ Hey, you wouldn't happen to be willing to part that "junk" out would you? I have (had) one of those and someone ripped the screen off the DIN housing when they broke in. I'm looking for just the case, none of the electronics. PM me if you're interested and what you'd want for it. Thanks!

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                      i dunno about the other posters but i've had my screen for a year, no issues with display or motorized screen.
                      the only issue i had in my civic was the motor mounts were so stiff it made it rattle a bit.


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                        Any updates on the longevity of these billion screens?


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                          So no one uses these screens anymore, mmmm speaks for itself I suppose.


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                            Hey All,

                            I used this company, bought a motorized display after 3 months would not turn on. Contacted the company was not under warranty (only one month warranty) bought replacement part worked for about 3 more months then stopped working again..... So after spending $350.00 and the cost of the replacement part, not worth it to me for 6 months use.... Just my experience with them.
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