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  • Suggest an 8 inch screen

    I'm saving up money to purchase an lcd touchscreen.

    I'm planning to install this in a '91 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera (1.5 Din GM radio). I'd really like to fit an 8 inch screen just in *front* of the stock radio opening. (Said radio opening is inset beneath a "hood" over the dash area, so the usable space in front of it should just fit the Lilliput 889GL by my measurements).

    The problem is that all the interesting new developments from Xenarc and Lilli are in the 7 inch screens. Comparing the contrast ratios and luminance of the new LED backlit '08 models puts the current 889GL to shame.

    So does anyone know of a good 8 inch screen? Transflective is out of my price range, and I'd prefer a capacitive touch panel over resistive. I realize that capacitive is unlikely to be found, and expensive when available. So resistive is ok, just not preferred.

    Edit: Widescreen and at least 800x480 if possible.