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carpc monitor vibrate at start car engine >???

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  • carpc monitor vibrate at start car engine >???

    hi all

    i have mazda 6 car pc 7 inch i take the power from Audio factory wire and the earth wire take from car body and put power filter before monitor power

    the problem when start car engine it come small line vibrate in screen

    and when stop engine and just keep switch Acc on without start engine it work without this vibration !!!!

    i mean just it is vibrate when start engine

    what is sulotion 2 work monitor without vibration or noise ???

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    I think the root of the problem is a voltage drop at startup. It goes far below 12V (10V or lower). It is normal in every car.
    This phenomena just concerns the backlight, because main electronics use 5V.

    Otherwise, I suggest to use a star-layout system, so the common ground must be at the same location of the metal chassis.
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      You could try running the +12 volt lead dierectly to the battery, and as was said before, gring a spot on your car chasis very clean, right down to shiny metal.

      At least if you do that, you can say that you got power right from the source.

      But be sure that you route the + 12 volt and ground so that they do not come near ignition wires or wiring for car elctronic control unit, as both can be very noisy, and could induce into your monitor power wires.

      You may need to buy an alternator noise filter that connects directly to the alternator +12 volt output.

      I have had a problem kind of the opposite: when I use the manufacturer supplied cigarette lighter plug adapter (with built in noise filter), the monitor itself induces noise into my audio system...

      I run an inverter in my car, so I just used the monitor 120 volt ac adapter and plugged that into inverter. Even then, there is a verrry tiny whine in my audio system when monitor is turned on. not loud enough to worry when music is on.

      Happy CARPC'ing!

      Happy CarPC'ing!


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        thanx 4 reply

        i am try 2 use battery 12 volt

        it is same thing happen in monitor but not so much

        where i can buy alternator noise filter ?


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          Maybe you could fill out your user profile and type of system a bit more fully, if U want...

          I don't know where you are, but just a good old auto parts store of most any kind should have those. But, it would really be good if you could find a good car stereo installation place that sells parts. They would have a better variety of devices, 'cause there are many...

          Try my favorite internet source:

          Look under "car audio"

          good luck!

          Happy CarPC'ing!


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            what about this

            40 AMP CAR NOISE FILTER -

            i can used for monitor or just audio unit ??