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Headrests with DVD players

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  • Headrests with DVD players

    OK, I have looked all over and I can't seem to find what I am looking for. I want to put in 2 Headrest Monitors that have the DVD player built into the,. The only problem I find is that There aren't any that you can install yourself. I see all kinds of posts for New Headrests with these DVD players and monitors already installed. But I just want the equipment so I can install them myself. Innovatek seems to have a lot of these but I can't find anyone who just sells the unit not the headrest. I hate to have to buy the whole thing and disassemble it and throw out the headrest. I have custome stitched seats already. Don't want to replace them. Anybody know where I can get these units by themselves??

    The link below describes what I am finding when I do a search.

    I just want the equipment. not the headrest. any help is appreciated.