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Thought my eby701 was pooched for a second there.....

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  • Thought my eby701 was pooched for a second there.....

    Went out an turned the car on a couple days ago, void loaded up and everything was fine as usual. Then the bloody screen froze and slowly went to multiple colored lines!


    Later that day it worked fine after starting the car up again, so I though it was a cold weather "glitch" or something.

    Yesterday, started the car to go to work and it went colored lines and then all white again.


    I wasn't sure if I was p****d off 'cause the screen was toasted or happy because I could now tell the wife I HAD to buy the new transflective (heh, heh)..........

    I took the screen out of the car to see if I could fix it. Checked a few things like cable connections and such.

    No joy.

    So I opened the case (it's plastic welded/molded into the bezel) and looked around for anything obvious.

    No luck.

    I've seen posts about the dreaded white screen on lilli's and it being a "ratched" ribbon cable. Took those off and had a looky-loo........

    Looked fine at first glance, but wait-a-minute!

    A quick pass under the magnifier revealed three metal traces on the end connector bent and touching each other. They either got tweaked on the last assembly and road vibration finally made them touch or something very weird happened to them..........
    After an hour or so of fiddling around with picks and scribers under the magnifier (man, was that ever frustrating!), I had the traces straightened out without damaging them.

    Reassembled the screen, plugged it in and...........


    So now I'm torn between being p*****d off cause I can't justify a new screen and happy that I don't have to spend a stupid amount of cash on a new one.

    Can't seem to win either way...........

    P.S. Anyone know where I can order a new ribbon cable (just in case)?
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    haha you should just throw away the screen the first time it messed up

    for ribbon cable
    dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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      thanx skuller for posting those links! I've got a couple of these cables so j/ pm me, if you are in need!