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Lilliput - Can I keep touchscreen active on A/V input?

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  • Lilliput - Can I keep touchscreen active on A/V input?

    Got a Lilliput EBY701. I'm working on a way to automatically switch to the Video input when I'm in reverse, but noticed that the monitor disables the touchscreen when you switch away from VGA input. Any way to keep it alive?

    Windows makes its "bee-dum" disconnect noise, and "buh-dee" reconnect noise (I know I could disable the sounds) and the touchscreen doesn't work for a few seconds while it reinitializes. Would be nice if it would just stay active, because there's really no reason for it not to.

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    Digging up this thread because I see no replies and I have the exact same issue.

    I have my rearview cam hooked up to auto-switch to VIDEO2 on my screen, but this disconnects the USB from my PC.

    This wouldn't normally be a problem (i dont care about the sounds or the delay) but the touchscreen driver is horrible and crashes after this happens a few times (like doing a k-turn...)... then I have to reset the PC to fix it.

    Any ideas?


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      What drivers are you using?


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        I've tried several versions of the eGalaxTouch drivers (latest included) along with versions of the TouchKit drivers, which appear to be the same program.

        I'm running Win7 x64.