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Can you test a 4 wire touchscreen panel / overlay with a multimeter?

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  • Can you test a 4 wire touchscreen panel / overlay with a multimeter?

    As the title says, worried my touchscreen panel is bad. Is there a way to test the readings coming out the 4 wires from the overlay with a multimeter?

    Continuity is no problem, but wondering if there are resistive values I should be looking for.


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    The best way to test if your touchscreen is starting to go faulty, is to run the MS Paint app and draw as many horizontal/vertical lines as possible but keep the pressure from your finger the same.


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      Absolutely you can. I'm attempting to do so to mine right now but I have no good information to go on. I'd be tickled pink of someone would kindly measure some resistance values of a known good panel both with and without a finger touching it. That should be twelve measurements. Six possible combinations of the four wires with a finger touching the middle of the panel, and six without it. Given that, I'd be happy to fill in the rest of the details for future tinkerers who stumble across this thread in another couple of months.


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        Nevermind. Seems I've got it figured out. I haven't quite enough time to do any further testing. I'm just waiting for my soldering iron to heat up so I can throw it back together and hit the road. Not only did I verify that the touch panel was dead, but I think I just fixed it and my two other dead ones. I promise I'll do my best to remember to come back and post further details along with a short video I made of the process. I don't know how everyone else's panels usually die, but once this one passes a road test I'll be prepared to assert that I've just repaired all three of mine in about 60 seconds each. With any luck, the same process will work for many others as well.

        Ok so since my iron still isn't quite there, here it is in a nutshell:
        One of the wires showed infinite resistance to all other wires unless I pressed on it very hard between my thumb and finger, so I decided to risk it all and melt the glue holding that wire on just a bit and then hold some pressure on it while it cooled. Presto - the damn thing works. Like I said, video and more details when I return from my trip.


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          Can't wait to see it.
          It's been a while...


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            Well I'm back and it's still working. That makes me a pretty happy numbers!

            Video and further details as promised:


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              Super Thanks

              Just found your post and video.
              it worked like a charm.

              Fixed a Sony LF-X1 LocationFree 12.1-inch TV with a 4-wire resistive touchscreen EXACTLY as you described.

              Ended up leaving the touchscreen attached to the front bezel and used a bic brand lighter as the heat source.

              The unit went from completely DISfunctional to completely FUNCTIONAL !!!

              Thanks again
              From Wonderful Waxahachie,TX