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800x600 will not display full screen when 2nd monitor hooked up

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  • 800x600 will not display full screen when 2nd monitor hooked up

    So I tried to post this in the Newb section as it seems to be a simple problem, but I cannot figure it out. So:

    Iíve got issues using my dell POS laptop displaying 800x600 on external monitor (Mazda6 Holy Grail Screen). Whenever I have the resolution set to 800x600 and hook the vga cable up, both screens do not go full screen after a reboot. I have an over an inch of black around the outside. I can only display 1024x768 full screen when xternal monitor is hooked up. I brought dell back upstairs and hooked it to a large LCD I have and on 600x800 it does the same thing (does not go full screen). I look in device manager and it is loading a second driver under monitors. It says:
    "Digital Flat Panel (1024x768)"
    which I thought was possibly the problem. I delete the driver and reboot and it shows back up and does the same thing. I disable the driver and it still will not boot up full screen. The other driver is just a "Plug and Play Monitor" Driver. I updated the display (graphics card) driver with no luck. Tried a bunch of different settings here but they dont seem to do anything. Now when I updated the bios my dell boot up screen and windows boot up screen do go full screen (which is a first) but when windows desktop comes up I have the same problem. So is seems it is a simple driver issue but I cannot figure it out.
    Do I need to make a regedit? or just downlad a different monitor driver.

    BTW my IBM T42 works fine, though...

    Thanks in advance.

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    nevermind I got it. I just cant have both screens display at the same time I guess...