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Lilliput 7inch TS + Epia m1000 video

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  • Lilliput 7inch TS + Epia m1000 video

    Not sure what happenen, but here it goes.

    I setup my lilliput 7inch TS with a Epia m1000 board. Used the default drivers and it displayed 800x600 fine no vertical stretch or anything.

    I then upgrade the bios on the epia m1000 board and installed the new video drivers.

    Now i am running 800x600 and vertical is stretched beyond the screen.

    So I am trying to switch back to the lilliputs native resolution 800x480.

    But I can't change this in the display settings for XP.

    I searched, but haven't found a solution for this.

    Are all of you running m1000 boards at 800x480?

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    I just relized tat 800x480 is not possible with this motherboard/onboard video. But I am still having the vertical size problem. Is there a way to change the Vertical-Size? I tried getting to it with the remote for the screen but all i can adjust is the vertical position.


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      I've noticed this too. How far off is your vertical size? Mine is only a couple pixels so I was able to just center it and deal with it. I'm running a Lilliput EBY701 - how about you?

      Maybe you could try changing your refresh rate in Display Settings?

      If anyone does know how to change the vertical size, I'd be interested too.

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        For me the top edge of my time is cut off. Kind of annoying that it worked before and after the update it stoppped working.

        I noticed we are running pretty much the same hardware setup.

        I am running the same stuff in your profile with the exception of centrafuse 1.47 instead of roadrunner.

        What is your boot up time for that hardware?

        Mind me asking what your memory settings are in bios?


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          Similar thing happened with my m10k after I did a fresh install of XP and installed the video drivers. The whole screen was shifted down vertically about 2cm. Its a problem with the video drivers. You can download two sets of drivers on the same via site:

          Instead of using the drivers listed under support > epia/vb downloads, use the drivers from support > drivers at via arena > input operating system > integrated graphics > cle266 unichrome integrated graphics. Make sure to uninstall your current drivers first.

          Fixed the problem for me, hope it works for you.


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            I'm not sure if this will help or not but I have seen some monitors display in a different position if you change the refresh rate. It might be worthwhile to try adjusting it.


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              I installed the drivers, but it didn't fix the v stretch problem. Are you guys installing drivers for the monitor also? I installed the touch kit drivers because i am using a external touch interface board. So I didn' install drivers for the screen, using the windows default.

              Everything looks fine at 1024x768 though. I would keep it this way, but when using centrafuse with the iguidance plugin, the iguidance resolution is too small to read.

              I tried changing the refresh rate in windows, but it only gives me one option 60Hz. Is there something else I need to do to enable other refresh rates? Unchecking the box below the 60Hz option didn't give me any other options.

              Also, it is possible to use the auto screen adjust option using the remote? I have a monitor that is embedded into my dash, pretty much the buttons are behind the screen and i can't get to them without getting behind the dash. I can use the remote though, I went through the menu and can't seem to see any "auto adjust" setting.


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                I am just using the touchscreen drivers and the vga drivers for the m10k. Right now, my screen is set to 1024x768, but I dont remember if I tested 800x600 after I changed drivers. But I somewhat recall that 800x600 wasnt really stable which is why I stuck with 1024x768. Try going into the bios and messing around with the vga resolution settings in there. In the bios, the "CRT" setting seems to be most stable for me. Dont change it to "LCD", because I read of some people having a completely blank screen after that. "CRT + LCD" might be ok to use. Changing the refresh rate didnt seem to make any difference.

                If that doesnt work, then unfortunately you might just have to stick with 1024x768. If you find a stable setting, please post your settings.


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                  I ended up setting to CRT and 800x600 in the bios. Then in windows I also set it to 800x600 @75Hz refresh rate. I am using the video drivers from the link posted above. Also, allocated 256 memory to video, ditched minilogon and enabled hibernation. Taking about 40 seconds to get to music which is fine for me.

                  Seems to be working with the exception of me turning on the computer this morning and not auto turning on the lilliput. I'll poke around at it work tonight, i think my auto on feature got reset some how.

                  Thanks for the help!

                  Also, I wouldn't try LCD only in bios, when I did that I couldn't get any picture and couldn't get back into bios to change it. I had to reset the cmos.