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  • Lilliput took a dump

    Was working fine for around 4 days (first time its received proper use) and then I pull off my driveway today, 2 minutes later, boom, white screen then it turns off -

    I take it out of the car when I get in and notice a ribbon cable (from monitor itself to controller board) has come out, I try and put it back in but the 'locking mechanism' for the cable has broken off, I tape it in, quite secure, try it out and nothing, the monitor turns on (LED lights go blue) but it doesn't turn the monitor on (no input signal does not appear), and then, I can't turn it off - nor can I use any of the other buttons (both on the monitor and on the remote).

    Turns on with the remote also, just no other functions or turning off. No physical damage, other than the locking thing broken off (which I believe I did when fabricating my screen mount).

    Please, has anybody else had this problem, and did you manage to fix it? Can anybody post an image of which way the ribbon cable goes also, i believe i've tried all combinations, but is it blue on top or blue below?


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    make sure that the leads on your cable aren't peeling. the cables are kinda cheap and wear out quickly... i've got a replacement if u would like to buy it from me... i also broke the collar or whatever u would like to call it. i slid in a folded piece of my old cable w/ the new to keep pressure on the the leads... which is what the collar does. i don't remember however which way the ribbon cable faces, pm if u need the ribbon cable. the one i have is a 13 pin