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2008 Xenarc 700tsv 800x480 qstn

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  • 2008 Xenarc 700tsv 800x480 qstn

    Can anyone with the new '08 700tsv screen confirm that it is capable of displaying native 800x480 resolution? Does it report this as 640 x 480 on it's OSD for you?

    There was some concern that the 705tsv initially shipped with a less caapable graphics chip, that only supported certain 4:3 resolutions and couldn't do true 800x480. I'm trying to get native resolution out of my mac, and despite all my efforts it reports a native resolution fed to it as "640 x 480" and text looks bad (thin black lines are "washed out" by neighboring white areas).

    So either I haven't yet found the magic timings needed for clear 800 x 480, or the new 700tsv screens suffer just like the 705 models

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    Yes, I have an '08 800TSV and I run it at its native 800x480. Xenarc's website specifies a very specific set of signal timings to get the exact native resolution through a program like PowerStrip. Both my computer and LCD refer to this resolution as 800x480.

    And I tested that it truely is native by setting my background to vertical and horizontal one pixel wide black/white lines. No moire patterns. (Tried the '08 Lilliput 7" widescreen just previously and returned it because no amount of timing tweeking could get a perfect 1 pixel to 1 pixel resolution)

    Have you tried the magic timings & xenarc's website?
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      Ah - THANK YOU for confirming the resolution capabilities of the new 700 tsv.

      I have tried to use the timings specified on Xenarc's FAQ, but there is a bug in the DisplayConfigX tool (a MacOS equivalent to powerstrip) that doesn't allow me to match them exactly (it keeps resetting the vertical front porch to a "safe" value other than what it needs to be). I guess I'll have to try some other resolution tweaking tools.

      Thanks for the idea of the 1 pixel lines as a moire-check. I'll have to give that a try once I think I've got it figured out.