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Whats the difference between the 700TSV and 705TSV

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  • Whats the difference between the 700TSV and 705TSV

    Hi guys,

    Am a newbie to this, and just working on my first project.

    I think i've decided to go for a Xenarc touchscreen as they seem to have better quality (brighter) screens and more responsive as a touch screen from what i've read (you may correct me on this).

    I'm looking to buy something like the 700TSV which seems to be a common screen, but noticed there's a 705TSV as well. I can't see what the difference is, although the 705TSV seems to be 20 cheaper.

    Alternatively the 840TSV seems to be cheaper than the 700TSV as well. Apart from the obviously larger size, is there any other difference?

    Anyone know?

    PS i may have many more questions to ask in the coming weeks, as my project progresses ;o)

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    Ok, after some digging around, eventually found the answer, so i'll reply to my own post for anyone's else's reference.

    Originally posted by Mrbean_phillip
    Ah, I see they are now cutting corners a little, the 700tsv had 5-wire resistive touchscreen - now only 4-wire.

    Originally posted by 05xTerra
    I don't think it's a replacement to the 700TSV. The folks at were telling me it's a more economical version off the 700TSV designed to be more competitive with the Lilliputs and other lower priced monitors.

    I purchased it. Saved me $100 compared to the 700TSV. I personally think it's crisper than the older 400Nit 700TSV my friend has. I can't compare it to the new 500Nit as I have yet to see one.

    here is the 5-Wire Resistive Tochscreen Advantage (copy/paste from

    -5-wire resistive analog technology is superior to 4-wire, 8-wire and resistive matrix technologies
    -Most durable resistive analog - drift-free operation even when exposed to temperature fluctuation
    -Life span of 35,000,000 touches versus 1,000,000 touches from 4-wire resistive
    -Increased optical clarity equals higher brightness and a sharper display
    -Greater touch point density means better accuracy
    -Faster response time and increased speed
    -No external electronic correction needed

    So, getting the 700TSV for $100 more seems fair to me, you get 100 more brithness and the things above.
    Think i'll leave the 840TSV as its slightly too big for my project.

    Thanks anyway guys.