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Xenarc 700TSV, 800x480, black bars on top and bottom. Any other powerstrip configs?

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  • Xenarc 700TSV, 800x480, black bars on top and bottom. Any other powerstrip configs?

    Hey folks, I've tried all of the settings listed here:

    And I've tried changing over to 75hz as mentioned here:

    And no matter what I do, the typical result is that the monitor says I'm in 800x600 mode, with a vertical squish and black bars on the top and bottom. Powerstrip and windows are confirming that the video card is outputting 800x480, FWIW.

    I've pinged Xenarc support but have not heard back yet. In the thread linked above, there was mention of alternate configs, but no follow-up with any more info. FWIW, I'm using a 7-series nvidia card.


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    I'm having the same problem on my nvidia 6800NU, 7600GT, and 8800GT.

    The admin at powerstrip thinks that xenarc has never actually achieved native resolution on their monitors and I'm starting to think he's right. I called xenarc support two weeks ago and left a message but never heard back from them. Personally, I think Xenarc screwed everyone over. I'd love to be proved wrong. A simple "800x480 works on THIS video card" would do the trick but they can't even do that.

    With the onboard video on my Biostar p480-m4 I can output the 800 x 480 but the monitor only sees it at 640x480 @ 61hz and requires a manual refresh every time to show the image rather than skew it off to the left. The dimensions are correct (or close to) but the image looks like crap. Xenarc said that's what it displays when you have the correct resolution but that's a lie and everyone knows it.


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      Interesting... Thanks for posting that thread link. I wonder how many people who claim to have achieved 800x480 are actually viewing it at 640x480 (or some other scaled resolution). Aside from running the extremely high (for 7") widescreen resolution of 1280x768 or whatever the heck it was, that's the only time I've managed to get it to fill the screen without black bars.

      It's a shame a pricey retail package like this isn't plug and play. Who would put up with this kind of drama with a normal sized monitor? We're a patient bunch, to say the least


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        Not sure how I never noticed this post before, but:

        "I ran into this problem when I bought the "new version" of the 700IDT. Long story short, they changed the chipset so "native mode" is actually not supported. I told them they should change their specs since they claim that the displays will support 640x480 thru 1600x1200 but that is technically no longer true :-/

        No driver or timing adjustments will fix this. This is a hardware issue..."


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          Guys, I have a Xenarc 700 TSV. And I run native resolution.

          I run at 800x480. I know I do because I made my windows background into a checkerboard, with alternating squares being either horizontal black/white 1 pixel lines, or vertical lines.

          I can make out each line, there are no Moire patterns, and each pixel of data is represented as one pixel on the screen. I tried the Lilliput 7" before, and I was unable to get this.. the closest I could get was "almost" 800x480, where every pixel was about 5% too wide or narrow (there was an oscillating horizontal interference pattern that had a period of about 20 pixels).

          By the way, I have an ATI Radeon X850 XT 256MB video card and used Xenarc's recommended PowerStrip settings.
          2008 Mustang GT CarPC


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            krnpimpsta: any idea if you have the "new" 700TSV or the "older" one? I have no clue if that even matters, unless there's any truths about the chipset change in newer hardware.

            Either way, thanks for posting, good to know it can be done.


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              I have the "new" 2008 version.. maybe it makes a difference? I don't know..

              Anyways, here's a good background to test with.. each square is 100 pixels wide and contains 50 white and 50 black lines. If you can make out each line, and there aren't any interference patterns with some lines appaering brighter or darker than others, then you are running true native resolution. (Set it as background and choose "Tile" instead of stretch/center)

              I used a similar background while I was trying to tweak my Lilliput settings, before giving up and investing in the Xenarc... I guess I was lucky, but Xenarc's recommended powerstrip settings worked on the first try.
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              2008 Mustang GT CarPC


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                Hrm, I have the "2008 version" as well. Guess I'll have to keep searching for a config that works on my system. I've tried all of the ones on Xenarc's FAQ, as well as some I've seen from other people trying to set up their 700TSVs.

                Thanks for the info and test pattern!


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                  I have the older version but have an old 8500AIW boxed up somewhere. I'll test it with that tonight. I looked for that 850 online but you can't find them anymore.


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                    I got my x850 when my X800 XL was replaced under warranty for burning out.. I think the x850 is either an overclocked x800 with the same chipset, or just a slight revision from the x800 series chipset if anything.. unfortunately, I never tested it with my x800, so I don't know for sure if it will work.

                    I'm surprised the nvidia 7 series card can't do this though..
                    2008 Mustang GT CarPC


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                      I can't believe it.





                      I was manually fiddling with the timings. I spent maybe 30 minutes doing it.

                      Then the display actually said 800x480. It didn't fill up the whole screen, but the display actually said it. And it looked really close... maybe 40 pixels of dead space on the vert. Then I fiddled more. Randomly plugging away numbers. Then it got really close, and then closer, and then full. And then I used your pattern. And then I saw all my pixels with no scaling blur. And then I came here.

                      And then I posted my timing screenshots:

                      This was the first one where I started to see 800x480, i think:

                      Then futzed with it some more:

                      Then got it real close:

                      Then got it spot on (unless my Xenarc starts melting):

                      According to the Xenarc, I am running: 800 x 480 / 57 Hz

                      I was doing all the fiddling with real time adjustments on. When the screen went black I'd go back to whatever I had it on right before that and tweak something else.


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                        How's it look? Clearer image?


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                          Picture doesn't quite do it justice, but you get the point


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                            Oh wow, that looks a bazillion times better than the 640x480 mine reads. What are your specific parts? Brand of video card, motherboard, etc? Is it an 08 700TSV or something older?


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                              Using a PCI-E XFX 7300GT (512mb ddr2) for the Xenarc, (and another nvidia PCI-E card for my main display) mobo is an Asus Maximus Formula, and running vista x64. The Xenarc is the "new" model with the higher brightness and all that.

                              I'm really pleased now, and it just took a bit of experimentation with powerstrip. It was the last chance I was giving the display before putting it up for sale, and it was a total shock to see 800x480 on the screen, as I remained in low hopes until that very moment.