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Help extending LVDS cable, please!

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  • Help extending LVDS cable, please!

    Hi, Folks!
    I'm new to the forum and let me tell you that I found a lot of helpful info here. Thanks a lot to everyone for sharing it!! Still, I have a problem.
    I'd like to extend the LVDS cable between an old Dell Inspiron 8200 and its LCD screen. The laptop has a NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go ATI Mobility RADEON 9000 onboard card. I intend to adapt a touchscreen on top the screen and use the system as a jukebox, picture viewer and DVD player. I would need a 3-to-6 foot extension, preferably round (for cosmetic reasons), but my main concern is getting the best signal, at a low price. The connector on the video card is a 50-pin ZIF for vertical insertion, with a small plastic lever on top. Pins 50 and 1 are printed on the cable. I couldn't find the pinout or schematics of the video card/board, but I guess I don't need'em for an extension, right? I think soldering is out of consideration here (it's a flex cable with tiny connections), so I'm thinking that extending it would be neater and simpler. The thing is I couldn't find what connector or the best cable to use for a neat installation. Do any of you, folks, know where I can get the cable, terminals and connectors (male and female) for an extension? Do you know of anyone who can make the extension? How much would they cost?
    LCD: Samsung LTN150U2 L02, 15'', UXGA, TFT, 1600x1200 res

    I'd really appreciate any light on the matter, 'cause I kinda hit a dead end on this project and I really need to finish it.

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    Looks like you've got 9 differential pairs and some power lines.

    you'll have a hard time trying to find an off the shelf cable that long that supports that specific pin-out and connector interface.

    you could build one but you have to know what you are doing, if you can find a cable that has 9 twisted pairs and is around 28awg that might work for the LVDS and a 22awg pair would work for power...
    Here is the LVDS cable I would start with...

    Last you would have to find the correct connectors and then terminate the 28awg wire to them (which is a bit difficult)

    Doing this will not be easy at all, without specific tools and material.
    You could design the cable and have a company make it for you but that will cost $$$...

    If you still want to waist your time with this, try searching on, & Google for the parts.
    Hirose might make a connector that mates to this.

    Good luck getting parts too, requesting samples may be the best way to acquire them.
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      Custom Cable

      Maybe Mike at "quadrangle products" or Terrell at "Mitas Electronics" can help with a custom cable, search google.