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  • lcd datasheet help

    hey i snagged a ibm 12.1 lcd off ebay after shipping for 41$ with a cracked lcd i got it basically for the controller its 800x600 res i need a data sheet for the lcd if anyone has one so i can at least match up otehr hopefully smaller lcds to the controller the s/n on the lcd is
    bl p/n 74h0740 lot no pku-b
    bl ec e16853 cfl lot tw
    yes i have googled the lcd s/n and also did it on ebay but i come up with pretty much useles info on gogle and somewhat useful info on ebay <go figure>
    but no data sheet
    tried a goodl on the lcd controller itself but since it ibm part that doesn't get me anywhere so i figure if i cna find a datasheet for the lcd itself then i can match up anotehr lcd of smaller size but same wiring
    as well 12.1 is nice but would be a bit big for in car use right now
    perhaps when i get my next 4wd <thinking of a isuzu trooper they have nice big radio console's hehe

    oops thats the back light part number hehe
    p/n 74h0700
    s/n 807601
    yhose are the correct numbers hehe now i will go ook for those oes as well but if anyone has any info that would be great
    run-on sentance comp 2002!!

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    aww come on no one has any idea's?
    run-on sentance comp 2002!!