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NEC Panel and Elo Touch Screen Hookup

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  • NEC Panel and Elo Touch Screen Hookup


    I have a NEC 10.4" LCD Display Model No. NL6448AC33-18, and inverter board along with an ELO Touchsystems 10.4 glass touchscreen (SAW), ELO touchscreen controller Model No. CTR-250000 (the serial one).

    I bought a LCD controller panel off ebay. Here is the info on it.

    VGA to LVDS TFT LCD Controller with back Light Inverter

    Controller Specifications:

    * Input: VGA
    * VGA Input: 640x480 to 1280x1024
    * LCD Panel Connection: Both LVDS / TTL
    * Support Panel Pixel: VGA 640x480 to 1366x768 (8" or above, nearly all 10" to 22" LCD)
    * One low tension output for back light
    * Power consumption: 12V 2 to 4A

    Package included:

    * 1x LCD Controller
    * 1x Keypad Board
    * 1x Single Lamp BackLight Inverter
    * 1x 110~240 12V 4A power adapter (power cord not included)
    * 1x Controller to LCD Connection Cable
    * 1x VGA Cable

    I have yet to receive the LCD controller in the mail but when the parts arrive I can hookup the LCD and run windows xp. I don't know whether to use the inverter board that I originally got with the NEC LCD Panel (A NEC 104PWCJ1-C) or use the one that is coming with the LCD controller.

    I know the end of the Elo Saw touch screen plugs into the Elo Controller Board where P3 and P4 is used for power, and P2 is used for serial.

    The problem I have is with making a cable for the serial I found this board
    which takes RS232 serial cable and makes it TTL (and visa versa) so I can use Vcc Gnd, Rx, Tx on that board which I would connect to the appropriate pins on P2. I don't know if this would work.

    I have done some research on this forum already and I have seen people have made cables with this board and touch screen before. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, I got the LCD Controller Board from Hong Kong that was off ebay. Its this
    I had a custom cable made for my LCD Board. When I hook it up. The display lights up for a few seconds and says no signal (This is without vga running to it). This is good. When I hook up a VGA single to it (ie from my XBOX360) to the panel I get a crackling like noise on the LCD panel. I made a Female to Female connector because the guy who made the vga connector made it male, and my xbox360 cable is male. Im ordering a proper gender changer to see if thats the problem.

    One major question I have and a picture that illustrates it is that on the vga cable there was a black wire with a little metal hook at the end. I assumed it goes to the back of the LCD panel underneath a screw to ground it. Is this correct. I have a picture that illistrates it.

    Also does anyone have any ideas on hooking up the lcd driver board and inverter board physically to the back of the lcd panel so its not just resting on it. Thanks.

    In the picture above you see how I have the black wire with metal ring going to the back of the lcd panel on a screw