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1000NIT Xenarc Factory Monitor 702TSV

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  • 1000NIT Xenarc Factory Monitor 702TSV

    I just orderred a 1000 NIT Monitor from It's a new factory 1000NIT unit from Xenarc. According to Karpc it's all factory original from xenarc and carries a xenarc warranty. No Need to modify the unit and ruin the warranty.

    I'll post pictures the second I get it up and running next to my 705TSV

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    REAL 1000nit or just marketing hype?
    And can the backlight be dimmed to use safely at night?
    (LinITX TMR has a light sensor to auto-dim the screen.)


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      When I called they said it's a brand new LCD panel that is a true 1000NIT. I was worried about the brightness at night. They said it does not have an auto dimmer but it has a dimmer button.

      I'm not to worried about night driving. My nav software (Garmin Nroute) switches to a dark background at night and back to light during daylight hours. I then have itunes running in the background and I'm happy.

      Apart from that I can't couch for the monitor yet. It's not in my hands but it did ship and I have a tracking number. Being in SoCal I should hopefully have it tomorrow afternoon.


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        I'm surprised there isn't more action on this LCD, sunlight readable for under $500

        I wonder how it compares with the transflective modded screens.

        I cannot find any mention of it by xenarc however.
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          I'm willing to bet that the 100NIT claim is just marketing hype.
          If it is genuinely that bright and has only "a dimmer switch" that may be it's only flaw. I'm certain that a potentiometer on the backlight could easily accomplish that.

          If someone has ordered one, I would most certainly like to see pics, particularly of the device in use under direct sunlight.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            Even if it went down to actual nit of 800 700 it would still be nice. The screen will still have hella glare on it etheir way.
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              I just took my 702TSV into the car. Here's a pic of the monitor. I plugged it to my video camera to play back some video. It's night and day between the 705TSV and the 702TSV. Naturally you still get glare from the touchscreen but it looks great.

              The bad news is the monitor is slightly wider and taller than the 705 and does not fit behind the opening of my dual din.


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                Looks GOOD!!!

                I am surprised at the lack of a solution for that glare. It's a really big problem that plagues all these touchscreens.


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                  So does it look 1000nit 05xTerra?


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                    Absolutley night and day compared to the 705TSV. Naturally the glare from the touch panel is still very noticeable but the brightness of the panel comes through the glare and it's very readable.

                    It has a dimmer button that gives you 3 settings. 100, 50, 0 on the backlighting controls. At night you have to bring the brightness and the backlighting down to 0 because it is bright.

                    If it's not 1000NIT it's really close. I am very happy with it. Now I just have to figure out how I will permanantly mount it.


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                      I too am a bit concerned that this product can't be found on Xenarc website... But it is tempting. How do the 702s compare to the good ol' 700s?

                      Specifically, are the cabled the same (I wouldn't want to string another cable through my car)?



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                        I just got off of the phone with the xenarc sales guy yesterday, and he said that it is 'pretty much, exactly' a 700TSV with the only difference being that it is 1000nit.

                        Oh, and by the way, neither mp3car nor xenarc have any replacement bezels to sell for it. But if it is 'pretty much, exactly' a 700TSV with more backlight and a beefier inverter, I'm wondering if it can easily be used with an old 700TSV front bezel, for custom installations.
                        It's been a while...


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                          Thanks for the info h3rk!
                          Another quick question, does this unit have autoswitch to AV2 when it is detected like 700TSV? I assume so, but wanted to double check.

                          Also, does it come with remote?

                          I think I may just have to order one... I am tired of my barely visible screen.


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                            I don't know if mp3car is selling them with remotes, as they are not listing it on the sales page for that monitor (or I need glasses, one or the other). But the ones xenarc are distributing and selling to the public have remotes, exactly the same functionality as the 700TSV's (autoswitch), same guts, and pretty much just brighter CCFL/inverter (not LED). I might as well put my order in.
                            It's been a while...


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                              Well, a big brown truck just stopped by... He said to say hi to everyone.

                              jk, I have it out now, it is bright but I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet. I have noticed that it is HOT. After a few minutes the top (ccfl) was very noticably hot. So I whipped out my trusty fusion brain, taped a temperature probe up there, and started monitoring (and recording ). and currently the outer casing temp is moving between 110F and 120F in 74F ambient. Over all, so far it seems nice, and worth the dough. I just hope it does ok in the dash.

                              <vegas heat, yikes

                              oh, and from mp3car it does come with a remote.
                              It's been a while...