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LCD in 2004 Honda Accord

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  • LCD in 2004 Honda Accord

    So after two previously failed attempts due to time and patience, I was finally able to finish my LCD install in the lower cubby. A big thanks to everyone who has posted in the past on how they did the install and what they used. The search function on the website works wonders!

    I know this is not the first time this type of install has been done, however my install did not require any sort of glue, fiberglass or any other sort of modifications outside of a custom made faceplate that was attached with double sided tape. More on that in a minute.

    The screen that I used is the WRX kit. It is actually designed for a Subaru, however they say it can be modified for other double din installations.

    Basically this above kit, coupled with Honda's very own Audio Attachment kit (PN: 08B06-SDA-100 / $49 from Majestic Honda) made for a very simple installation.

    You basically bolt in the Honda Audio Attachment kit and the Subaru kit bolts right into that. No cutting, no fabrication. The only thing you have to take care of is to move the IR port to a position that can be picked up once everything is re-assembled. Luckily the IR port come loose, so you can easily move things as needed. This was simply zip tied to the bottom of the plastic face plate and the IR can be picked up through the seams of the bezel without issue.

    The only thing missing was something to fill in the gaps on the left and right side of the screen that the two kits do not compensate for. This was easily fixed by making a custom faceplate using the front of a hard black plastic notebook and cutting it to fit.

    Sorry I do not have pictures of while things were in progress, but I do have the final outcome. I think it turned out pretty good, almost OEM looking.

    The rest of the setup is not done, I still have to run cables to the laptop that will be going to it. More on that eventually, still looking for the laptop to put in, but I tested everything with a different computer and it works great!

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    Very nice..thats similar to how i had my 07 at first till NeXson refabbed it for me..
    But i like that bolt in solution..
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