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New transflective lilliput doesn't work

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  • New transflective lilliput doesn't work

    The screen works and all, but the touchscreen doesnt. After calibration, when you press the screen the cursor just goes to the corner of the screen.

    Ive heard that sometimes the screen can get pinched or something, but I dont really want to mess with it considering its brand new and I dont want to void the extremely short warranty.
    So Steve, how fast is your car?

    Oh, about 1800mhz.

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    Had the same issue. You need to make sure that the touchscreen cables are plugged in completly and not "pinched" in anyway as you said. They will probably "look" okay, but push them in firmly -- won't look like you did anything, but it'll help.

    Unfortunatly, this does involve taking it out of the casing. If it's under warrenty, you can always contact the place you bought it from to exchange it, or see if they will let you open the case without breaking the warrenty.


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      Still no reply from mp3car tech support :/
      So Steve, how fast is your car?

      Oh, about 1800mhz.


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        Originally posted by Splinter View Post
        Still no reply from mp3car tech support :/
        Give 'em a phone call... =)

        From what I've read on the forums, and my personal experience, they don't seam very quick to answer e-mails unfortunatly.


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          Splinter - we received your RMA ticket and discussed it last night, Goce is working late and sending you an RMA number tonight, as he would like to look at it himself.

          Please look out for the RMA.

          Please understand that Mp3Car provides a response within 24-48 hours of receiving a ticket - some days we are literally just building too many computers to answer within 24.
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            What happens when the cursor gets stuck in one of the corners of the touchscreen is there is pressure applied on the touchpanel from the LCD bezel.

            In addition to modfications done to the LCD panel itself the stock Touchpanels on the Lilliput 629GLs are replaced as well with a Touchpanel with transflective properties. The active area of this new panel is larger than the active area on the stock Lilliput Touchpanels. That's where issues crop up with the stuck cursor in one of the corners. Setting the new Touchpanel is a pain and a slight shift in any direction will have the LCD bezel in contact with the active area on the Touchpanel.

            Whenever we assemble the Transflective touchscreens they go through 6 rounds of testing. We make sure they work before we ship them out, but sometimes the way boxes get knocked around in shipping the panels shift a bit and issues pop up.

            So, send the screen back to us and we'll fix it.


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              It's a simple fix, but you will have to open the unit. I'll bet you that if you use a regular mouse, u will not fix the issue. I'm sure that when you tap the touchscreen, nothing is selected, just the curser goes to that location then back to the corner.

              The issue is clearly that the touch panel was secured to tight. This is making the bezel activate the touchscreen at that location constantly. You will need to open the unit and loosen the screws that hold the panel in place until your issue goes away.