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Laptop output .. good for LCD?

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  • Laptop output .. good for LCD?

    The back of my laptop has a jack that LOOKS like a headphone jack, but there's a big picture of a TV next to it .. It's obviously some sort of output .. but I'm not familiar with any kind of video-out that looks like this.

    I'm thinking about using this laptop to send a signal to a small lcd, but of course need to be able to hook it up properly. Any ideas what this connector is and if it can hook up to most LCDs?

    Thanks in advance..

    83 mp320i
    99 mp323i

    7" Lilliput w/Touch, 150 W Opus, 2.4ghz P4 533fsb, 512 DDR 333mhz, GPS, WiFi Inet, 40g Maxtor 7200rpm, Laptop DVD/CD-RW w/USB2.0 Bridge, WinXP Pro.

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    read the manual

    we're not psychic we can't tell what laptop you have


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      its most likely a TV out port. A lot of laptops have them to allow presentations (death by powerpoint) to be done on a bigscreen or projection tv.