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Please Help!! No Input Signal <---

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  • Please Help!! No Input Signal <---

    Hi all gurus,

    i have a 8" lilliput installed in my car and connected to my pc using the supplied VGA cable, i did not dismantle anything as im not good with my technical skills.

    Recently the lcd just kept showing "PC" for a short while then shows "No Input Signal". I cant do anything at all, Menu, Volume,Left,Right got no response at all. i can only power on/off, and scroll through Video1,Video2 and PC.

    I have tried a couple of resolution including 800x600, 640 x 480 with alot of different refresh rate. I also tried connecting the VGA cable to my laptop and "function + screen". Nothing happen.. still "no input signal"...

    I also tried to power on the lcd "after" my pc have booted up in window (i power on after 5mins), still no display...

    Any gurus can advice on this please??

    Many thanks in advance!!

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    Make sure the drivers are installed correctly, and also in the display settings, you might have to run the monitor as monitor number 2.


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      hi, thanks for your reply.

      im using a pc as my shows "no display signal" when i use it.. few weeks back, it was okay..then suddenly it doesnt work anymore.

      so i used my laptop to try too, was wondering my pc failed on me.. but still it doesnt work...

      any advice ??


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        Did you check ALL the connections for contact error?
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          Originally posted by bbalazs View Post
          Did you check ALL the connections for contact error?
          Dear sir, i have taken out all joints and clean them (well, i rub) with my fingers.. and tighten/clip back securely. there seems to be a little electric current when i "clean" the vga connector with my fingers.

          is there any better ways to check for contact error??

          many thanks!


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            I have the same lilliput and a few nights ago, it was doing the same thing. I tried rebooting the computer to refresh the signal, but nothing. I tightened all the connections, and rebooted once more. This time it came up. I am not sure if it was coincidence or whether the PC really wasn't sending a signal for some reason...but either way, it works now.


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              oh i forgot to add, i also did a full re-install of windows too. help!!!!


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                resinstall the drivers?


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                  Originally posted by phuz View Post
                  resinstall the drivers?
                  Dear Sir, are you saying i should reinstall the lilliput driver before i plug the monitor and touchscreen USB into the PC? i tried just to connect the VGA cable alone to the PC. still shows "no input signal"..

                  oh after my reinstall of windows xp. i was using a 15" lcd monitor and was working fine, it just didnt work on the lilliput..

                  Many thanks!


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                    OK, give to the LCD a VIDEO signal and switch into AV1. Is it working?

                    Rubbing the connection with your finger is not enough and usually make the connection worse, because all the grease from your fingers went to the metal.
                    But I do not mean the vga connector. I meant ALL the connection inside, including ribbon cables. To pull out and put in again is enough.
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                      Dear Sir,

                      ALL the connections meaning i have to dismantle the lcd and reconnect every cable ?
                      or is it just the VGA cable(to pc), the joint and the connector at the LCD screen?



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                        If there is no warranty any more, yes.
                        But first try to feed that monitor with video signal. Also try to change the resolution.
                        These are non-invasive investigations...
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                          Dear Sir, i have tried it on a DVD Player and there was video display. After which , i tried back to my pc... its still "No Input Signal" again.. what can i do??


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                            When you are on the PC is it always no signal, or does it show up for a bit, and then go away?

                            Can you use the touchscreen while the monitor is off and still get a response even though you cant see anything?

                            Have you hooked an external CRT monitor to your computer's output?
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                              In that case there is no need to disassemble and reconnect every connector.
                              But vaige, please, just do not dip the information about your problem.

                              Did you check the functionality of the VGA cable? It was the same as you used on that 'your computer-foreign monitor' trial?
                              It is also possible that the converter chip went wrong.
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