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Brand New Xenarc 700TSV not working

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  • Brand New Xenarc 700TSV not working

    Hi Guys,

    I just purchased a brand new Xenarc 700TSV and the thing isnt working! Just wondering if you guys know what is wrong while im waiting to hear back from the supplier.

    When i turn it on it display's the image however it turns the screen off (without the warning "powering off") within about 2 - 10 seconds (never constant). This is what I have tried.

    1. Installed latest drivers - no effect
    2. Set VGA res to screens native / 60Hz - no effect
    3. Tried on different computer - no effect
    4. Used composite input - no effect
    5. Used in car power supply instead of wall plug - no effect

    Any ideas?

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    Oh and the green light stay's SOLID after the image dissapears (doesnt blink to indicate stand by mode).

    Looking closely at the screen i cannot see an image so i dont think its the backlight.

    Just noticed the image flickers a bit before it switches off...


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      Might be the connection.
      Working on my Comp TIA training.